The Founders

Britney Chambers & Kymani Hayden

Crowns & Contours is the vision of Britney Chambers and Kymani Hayden. Created in their dorm room their Junior year of college, the company was launched June 3rd, 2017.

College friends and roommates, the 21 year old duo wanted a physical representation of their belief in the power of health in attaining beauty.
Created to encourage women of color to embrace the things that make them unique and beautiful, the company goes deeper than outward appearances. 

Britney started testing her passion for the beauty realm by starting her YouTube channel as a teen. She gained knowledge of hair care, skin care and makeup by watching, reading and speaking to those more experienced than her at the time.


She soon realized that she was making a grave mistake however when she started putting beauty over health. "I would choose to cover up a breakout with tons of makeup rather than actually tend to my skin" reminisced the co-founder.


"College didn't make it any easier. I was making poor dietary choices, not getting enough sleep, neglecting my beauty regimens and it started to show. My skin reached its worst point and my hair stopped growing, it was breaking and shedding. At first I couldn't understand why. I would spend my last bit of money on higher end products because they had quality ingredients but I just wouldn't see the same results that I used to. I realized that my issue was two fold. The first was that I was using products that weren't made with my level of versatility in mind. My beauty routine was constantly changing because so was everything else in my life. So I needed products that were multipurpose. The second issue was that I was simply focused on the outer while neglecting the inner. I needed to find a balance."

Britney took her struggles and turned them into a purpose and mission from which a company would be born. In addition to being the CEO, she is also the primary curator and product creator. Striving to always bring the gems of Crowns & Contours the best products, the Business Administration major spends an extensive amount of time in research and development. 


"I encourage everyone to write their own narrative of the word beautiful. Never let someone else's insecurities shape the way you live your life."  - Britney Chambers 

Kymani's value of proper hair care dramatically increased when she entered college. Her new environment did not have hair salons catered to ethnic hair care on every corner. It was at this time that she began investing time into learning how to care for her own hair. Braids were her go to protective style and she focused on caring for her scalp especially during the harsh winter months. As her interest in hair grew so did her overall love of everything beauty. 

She found herself choosing between paying for products to focus on hair care and paying for styles that would last her a long time while she was away at school. She would also minimize skin care routines to do the most with the least amount of products but still had issues with break outs, scarring, and dullness. So when Britney approached her with similar hair and skin care struggles, they joking laughed about starting their own company. These laughs would turn into meetings and conference calls as purpose and mission was met with a name. Kymani knew that the name Crowns & Contours was the perfect fit for what Britney hoped to accomplish in the realm of health and beauty.

The Culture & Communication Major now fuses her education and interest in beauty, health and wellness to execute her role as the Marketing & Outreach Manger. Her focus is on enhancing the company's connection with the community through new and intuitive programs and events. 

"With us women get to be the best versions of themselves, naturally and glamorously" -Kymani Hayden

Thank You

   "Our history is a colorful one. A history filled with sad moments that reenforce our resilience and happy ones that inspire us. We've been change makers, trend setters, leaders and visionaries. Most importantly we've been supporters. We may celebrate Black History this month but I have witnessed the way we celebrate, uplift, and praise our blackness every day. As a black business owner, I wake up thankful for those who have paved the way for me and you and many others like us to be here, and do what we do in life both personally and professionally. But I can never forget the outpouring of support that my community gives to me every single day. Your words of encouragement and support in a multitude of ways does not go unnoticed. For every person who reminds me "we need to support each other" after a purchase, a follow, a DM or an email, THANK YOU. This Black History month as my team and I reflect on our history we're reminded that our actions today are for tomorrow's history books.


Please enjoy our Black History Month Sale as an expression of our gratitude to all of our supporters and a celebration of what we've accomplished and the achievements to come. 

-Britney Chambers, CEO

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