8 Superfruits You & Your Hair Need To Know About

February 21, 2019


You might be familiar with the term superfood but may find yourself questioning, "what's a superfruit?" By textbook style definition it is a "nutrient-rich fruit considered to be especially beneficial for health and well-being" according to Oxford Dictionary. So aren't all fruits superfruits then? The short answer is no. These fruits go above that of just tasting good and delivering a few vitamins to you. These fruits are truly multipurpose often serving benefits to your overall health by off setting the effects of various ailments. The superfruits in this article boast benefits that'll leave your skin glowing and hair growing!


1. Apples- Hair Loss's Worst Enemy


Apples are are made up of soluble fibers, vitamins & antioxidants that have the potential to prevent hair loss from excess shedding. If you can't seem to understand why you are losing so much hair trying adding more fruits to your diet. Another option is to apply it directly to your hair. Look for products that contain Apple extract or Apple Seed oil such as the Caribbean Coils Curl Control Jelly & Caribbean Coils Passionfruit & Pom Oil


2. Grapefruit- The Debris Buster Your Scalp's Been Waiting For


A clean scalp is one of the first steps to a healthy scalp and a healthy scalp means your hair has the ability to grow properly. We've all been a victim of dandruff, flakes and an itchy dry scalp before. Grapefruit citric nature helps to remove debris from the scalp maki