Hydration: The Foundation To Healthy Hair & Skin

March 2, 2018


Everyone wants to know; what's the secret to healthy hair & skin? The truth is... there is no "secret".


Most people are looking for the "end all be all" of answers that will miraculously cure all their hair or skin insecurities. Our hair and skin needs are very different so what may work for you, may not work for me and vice versa. But what we all have in common is the need for water. After all, more than half of the human body is water. So when someone asks me for advice on skin or hair, my first question is always, "are you hydrated enough?"


What Is Hydration? 


As you may have figured by now, we can't talk about hydration without talking about water. The Merriam Webster Dictionary defines hydration as "the condition of having adequate fluid in the body tissues".Simply put; hydration means having enough water in your body to function the way it should. How much water you will need each day will vary from person to person.


Fun Fact: babies are more hydrated than adults having about 78% of their body made up of water while women have less water in their body than men; 55% and 60% respectively. 


When we are talking more precisely about our hair and skin, hydration is two fold. It involves getting enough water internally and externally. You cannot be hydrated in this sense without both. 


How Will I Know If I'm Hydrated Enough?


Listen to your body, it will tell you! If you feel thirsty and/or your mouth is dry, you aren't hydrated enough. Don't reach for that soda, or sports drink or even juice. Get water.


Another sign that you aren't drinking enough water is the color of your urine (T.M.I. I know *insert cringe emoji*). If your urine is extremely yellow or dark you need to up your water intake. 


Your skin is a big indicator of your internal/external hydration. Hydrated skin bounces back. Ever heard of the pinch test? Pinch yourself (yes I'm being serious). If your skin returns to the state it was in rather quickly, congratulations you're hydrated. If it slowly returns to the way it was, time to up your water intake. 


Is your skin rough? Not absorbing products very well? Skin cracking? Scars (think hyperpigmentation) not fading no matter what you do? These can all be signals that you need more water!


Your hair also signals a lot about what's going on. If your hair is unusually dry, brittle and easily breaks putting products alone won't remedy the issue. You need actual water on your hair and you need to drink more as well. 


Committing To Hydration 


The best way to approach this foundational aspect of health and beauty is to set daily/ weekly goals, especially if you struggle to drink enough water on a daily basis. Our suggestion is to start with at least 2-3 16 oz bottles of water a day. From there, you can increase according to your needs as you become more accustomed to regular intake of water. 


Concerned about the effects of disposable plastic bottles on our eco system but still need a way to track your consumption? Try our new Hydrating Fruit Infusion Bottles. Capable of storing 28 oz of water, you'll need to refill less than most bottles. 

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