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A Black Owned Natural Hair Product Company

Proudly Woman Owned, Founded, and Operated

Natural hair products with best ingredients

High Quality Ingredients

You'll find Aloe Vera, fruit extracts, peppermint and other great oils in each product

Natural products for curly hair. Seal & Twist Soufflé hair butter for twists

Made For Curly Hair

Created to nurture curly, coily, and kinky hair types, not just marketed for them.

Moisturizing sulfate and paraben free hair products

Sulfate & Paraben Free

Free of drying alcohols, sulfates, harmful chemicals, dyes, or parabens

Britney Chambers CEO Of Crowns & Contours Black Owned Natural Hair Products


Owner and Founder

I am Britney Chambers, owner, founder and CEO of Crowns & Contours. A few years ago, this company was simply a thought. One that blossomed into a goal on the floor of my college dorm room. This journey is quite personal for me.

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My Journey & Our Mission

My Open Letter To You

Long before I was a product creator, I was a consumer. As a kinky haired, type 4c high porosity naturalista, I was introduced to a relaxer very early on in childhood. I can still feel and smell the chemical burns. I remember dreading going to the salon. I remember my last relaxer quite vividly. I had a chemical burn in the back of my head that was so bad it oozed- I'll spare you all the details. I vowed to never step foot in the salon for a relaxer again.

With that I turned to YouTube to begin my transition back to natural. I transitioned and used YouTube to document my early 2000's hair journey. I was never really happy with my hair back then though. I struggled with dryness, tangling, breakage, shedding- the works! None of the products I tried seem to do much more than put a temporary bandage over it. In all honestly I considered crawling back to the creamy crack a few times. But the thoughts of the salon slogan "beauty is pain" coupled with the phantom pains of my last chemical burns were more than enough to keep me from it.

So I continued to educate myself because surely it gets better, right? I learned a lot. I learned that my hair wasn't difficult or untamable, that kinky textured hair was powerful, and that with the right ingredients and consistency my hair could flourish! But what I learned wasn't all pleasant. I also learned just how much damage the hair care industry was causing to black women. Maybe you've seen or heard about the studies. In case you haven't I'll share this key piece of information; hair care products marketed to black women were found to have a variety of chemicals linked to hormonal imbalances, preterm labor, early puberty, even cancer.

I'd never been more ingredient conscious in my life after deep diving into those articles and studies. So I started doing the at home concoctions. You know what I'm talking about- yep, that old school mayo, eggs, and olive oil mixed up and slapped on as a hair mask. I really thought I was doing some things back then, until I cooked the egg in my hair one day.

That was clearly a fail so I did what I do best and learned some more. I bought books, watched seminars, videos, did courses, all to learn cosmetic chemistry. I started to dabble with formulations. It wasn't until college that I felt the need to pursue this hobby of mine at the time, as a business. I owe it to all the girls who trusted me with there hair. Late nights in my tiny dorm room doing hair and essentially giving out consultations, sharing a few of my creations, started a chain reaction that was the catalyst for what you know today as Crowns & Contours.

Crowns & Contours Product Story

Each product was created- not just made and marketed- with you and your hair's needs in mind. We've crafted products that are safe for you and your little ones. Free of sulfates, drying alcohols, dyes, or parabens. This is clean beauty made consciously. We're proud to bring high quality affordable natural hair care products to women of color with our health first approach to beauty, crafted with versatility in mind.

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