The Gem Code

We use the gem as a representation of our customers, the experience we create for them, and the standard we've set for ourselves as a company.

Gems are precious and highly treasured. Gems come in an abundance of colors, clarity, shapes and sizes. They are the embodiment of versatility.

For us each customer is valuable and unique in their needs and so we treat them as such. We want you to value the experience that you have with us. From the moment you come in contact with us, whether in person, through social media or on our website, all the way to you using the products; each moment should be special. We aim to uphold the most virtuous standards in every aspect of our operations.

The gem is a constant reminder of these three things.

Sapphires are the gem of choice for us. This stone is said to be of wisdom and royalty. In addition to being a symbol of power and strength, it is also a mark of kindness. We know the power and strength that women posses and we celebrate that everyday at Crowns & Contours. Our customers are wise women who carry themselves like royalty no matter the occasion. What better representation of them and our values than a sapphire.

​We use the turquoise colored sapphire as a representation of femininity, sophistication, balance and self awareness.

Are you ready to join the #GemClub and share the #GemLove with us? Find us on social media and use the hashtags for a chance to be a featured gem!


The Customer

Our customers are highly valued. We don't know what we'd do without such amazing support. What's a crown without its gems anyways?

The Experience

It's one thing for us to tell our customers they are valued, and its another for them to feel it. Exceptional customer service always guaranteed!

The Standard

From the quality of our ingredients, products, packaging, and customer service, we hold ourselves to high standards as a company