"Our Health First Approach To Beauty"

The Gem Code Initiative 

The Gem Code Initiative (G.C.I) was created to address issues surrounding knowledge and access to healthy products within the black community. As a company who believes that the best version of beautiful starts with a healthier you, we've made it our objective to do more than just sell products.


Through the G.C.I, we're restoring the beauty in health. This initiative will focus on health as the vehicle for attaining personal hair & skin goals.


Why is this approach important?


Most people fail to realize how connected hair, skin, and health are. As the largest organ on our body, the things we put on our skin affects our health as much as the things we put in our body affects the appearance of our skin. The condition of your hair can be a big indication of how healthy you are. Issues with hair may be a sign of deficiencies, infections, environmental effects, poor dietary choices and much more.


Using great products is only the start. But if your inability to achieve your hair and skin goals are rooted in your overall health, then a consistent regimen filled with products that utilize quality ingredients is nothing more than a bandaid on the situation. So where do you start when you're ready to go deeper than just the surface? Start with us. 

GCI Blog

The G.C.I blog is our first resource for those looking to educate themselves and get advice and answers to questions about hair, skin, health, products, regimens, styling and much more. The blog will personally be written by CEO, Britney Chambers, and Marketing Outreach Manger, Kymani Hayden. The blog will draw from personal experiences and lessons from their own hair care journey. The blog will officially be unveiled February 10th, 2018. 

GCI Products

We'll be releasing specific products geared towards inner health. These products will be multi-purposed. The first of these products is our Hydrating Fruit Infusion Bottle. This bottle hydrates and detoxes the body while delivering added antioxidants and nutrients that are essential to glowing skin and proper hair growth. With a built in top down infusing filter, this bottle keeps fruits out of the way while maximizing flavor without all the harmful ingredients found in commercial sodas and juices.


The bottle is set to release in early 2018. 

GCI Gives Back 

  • A portion of proceeds from sales on G.C.I products during specific times will be donated to organizations supporting women's health in the name of the Gems who made the purchase.


  • We'll also be providing additional discounts for women during transitional periods of their life such as college students, new/young mothers, women who have had an unfavorable change in health. This discount program will be available soon.


  • Donations will be made through G.C.I to women and children in shelters, recovering from domestic abuse and those displaced by natural disasters. These donations will be made year round. Know someone who is going through a particularly difficult situation? Contact us. We'd love to help that Gem shine bright again. 

The Gem:

The Customer, The Experience, The Standard

Gem: /jem/ noun; a precious or semiprecious stone, especially when cut and polished or engraved


We use the gem as a representation of our customers, the experience we create for them and the standard we've set for ourselves as a company.


Gems are precious and highly treasured. Gems come in an abundance of colors, clarity, shapes and sizes. They are the embodiment of versatility.


For us each customer is valuable and unique in their needs and so we treat them as such. We want you to value the experience that you have with us. From the moment you come in contact with us, whether in person, through social media or on our website, all the way to you using the products; each moment should be special. We aim to uphold the most virtuous standards in every aspect of our operations.


The gem is a constant reminder of these three things. 

Sapphires are the gem of choice for us. This stone is said to be of wisdom and royalty. In addition to being a symbol of power and strength, it is also a mark of kindness. We know the power and strength that women posses and we celebrate that everyday at Crowns & Contours. Our customers are wise women who carry themselves like royalty no matter the occasion. What better representation of them and our values than a sapphire. 

We use the turquoise colored sapphire as a manifestation of femininity, sophistication, balance and self awareness.


Are you ready to join the #GemClub and share the #GemLove with us? Find us and social media and use the hashtags for a change to be a featured gem!

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